My World.. El Paso,Texas<3

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It wasn’t having the body of my dreams that made me love myself. No. It was jumping off a cliff into freshwater, swimming naked, drinking wine with a friend at 2 in the morning, sleeping under the stars, confessing my feelings to someone, laughing in the rain, riding in the back of a landrover, crossing streams and climbing rocks, singing around a campfire, getting up before the sun and watching it set behind mountains. I unapologetically immersed myself into things that awakened my soul. And in those moments I was so busy being me, so busy being happy, that I didn’t even realize someone was falling for me. So don’t worry too much. Do your thing. Live for yourself, because you are enough. ♡

Live a life you love and you will love yourself.

I’m reading my diary entries from last year. This was much needed right now. (via vegandrine)

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College kids

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Los Angeles, California. March 2014.

Los Angeles, California. March 2014.

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I'm so complicated .